Pacemaker Cost

How much does a pacemaker cost?

PacemakerEven though Pacemaker Surgery Cost may possibly be tremendously attractive in Asian countries such as India (12.000 USD including surgery, hospital Stay, hotel, airfare), in European states the prices could still be 70 % lower than USA’s cost.

For instance, at Promohealth Barcelona, the surgery price is approximately 19.000 (23,419 USD) and this includes the identical services offered in India but in a Western European country where quality requirements are at least at the same level as the USA’s.


What do you have to check before deciding to go abroad for surgery (Checklist)

It follows a checklist of things you should keep in mind in order to avoid unnecessary extra costs.

  1. Doctor’s certification: ask about national or international medical or surgical accreditation. European or Western (including Canada, Australia & USA) accreditation should be strongly recommended.
  2. Hospital Technology: make sure you know the capabilities and technologies available in the hospital you are going to be treated, specifically ask about Quality Accreditations.
  3. Value for money: your total final cost will include many other concepts besides “Surgery” cost. Specifically ask about:
    1. Hospital stay: days included. Be careful about how many days are included in your quote and what happens if you have to stay longer at the hospital.
    2. Preoperative evaluation: ask whether it’s included or not.
    3. Anesthesiology: ask whether it’s included or not.
    4. Implants (if needed): ask whether it’s included or not and what kind of hardware it’s going to be used (CE certification, FDA…)
    5. Postoperative x-ray & imaging tests: ask whether it’s included or not.
    6. Postoperative consultation after discharge: ask whether it’s included or not.
    7. Medication during stay: ask whether it’s included or not.
    8. Postoperative physiotherapy: ask whether it’s included or not.
    9. Medical tourism travel insurance: ask whether it’s included or not. It usually covers any issues while traveling abroad for surgery. Please be advised that standard travel insurance does not cover any issues if the purpose of the trip is to receive medical treatment abroad.
    10. Medical Complications Insurance: ask whether it’s included or not. It usually covers immediate postoperative complications (infection, bleeding …).
    11. Reoperations Insurance: ask whether it’s included or not. It covers potential re-operations occurring after the initial procedure (in our case we offer coverage up to 1 year after initial procedure), meaning that the insurance is still active even when you have returned to your home country.
    12. Preoperative hotel booking: ask whether it’s included or not.
    13. Postoperative hotel booking: ask whether it’s included or not.
    14. Transportation to and from the airport: ask whether it’s included or not.
    15. Language: do they speak your mother tongue fluently? Communication is basic.
    16. Contract: do they provide a contract which states the treatment, cost and responsabilities?
    17. Administrative formalities: do they provide, if needed, help with administrative formalities, such as “letter of invitation” if you need VISA?
    18. Letter of Medical Necessity: sometimes it’s needed as per insurance or workman’s compensation issues. Does your provider help you out with this?
    19. Itemized invoice when necessary: nowadays insurances are asking for itemized or personalized invoices in order to evaluate potential reimbursement (depending on the policy). This can help you to reimburse your initial investment and saves you money.
    20. Fitness To Fly Clearance : is your provider aware about fitness to fly rules in order to avoid flight issues or even problems at boarding?
    21. Experience in medical Tourism: proper management of international patients is a question of time and experience. Make sure your doctor o provider has enough experience.

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