Malcom Debbage. Norfolk (UK)
Dr. Ruyra. Mitral Valve Surgery

“My name is Alice and this is my husband Malcolm. Malcolm became very ill in October 2012 and the tests results showed and incompetent mitral valve. We were very worried so we wanted the best cardiac surgeon and we were recommended Dr. Xavier Ruyra. I was putted it straight away and felt in safe hands. The operation and the aftercare were superb. I am now able to do all my sports and live a normal life. Thank you very much once again, for your professionalism, dedication and careness showed toward my wife and I during this stressful time.”

Marcos Santana. Barcelona
Dr. Ruyra. Dissecting Aortic Aneurysm Bloodless

“Hello, my name is Marcos Santana. I am 32 years old and I am a Jehovah’s Witness. In 2010 I was diagnosed with a dissecting aortic aneurysm. Due to my strong religious convictions which are based on biblical teachings, I was not willing to receive blood transfusions and therefore I could find no surgeon who would perform surgery on me. With my existing alternatives in mind, I continued my search until I discovered Dr. Ruyra and his team who indeed were willing and able to carry out the surgery. In 2013 they operated on me, and did an excellent job of replacing my damaged Aorta with a synthetic tube and thus they were able to resolve my problem. I’m deeply grateful for the work that Dr. Ruyra and his team carried out and I would like to thank him on me and all of my family’s behalf for respecting my personal beliefs, his confidence, his friendliness as well as his professionalism.”

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