Bloodless Surgery

What is Bloodless Surgery?

Promohealth bloodless surgery programWhether due to the values and beliefs of an individual or not, our Bloodless Surgery Program aims to facilitate surgical treatment without the deliberate use of blood transfusion. Our Bloodless Surgery Hospital uses the latest technology and the most recent drug developments to achieve its goal. During the period prior to surgery, we perform the necessary treatment required to obtain the optimum “blood condition” (only if the patient does not already have it). Then, we have the rigorous thoroughness and excellent skills of our surgeons, who realize the importance of avoiding blood loss and who, with their extensive experience performing Bloodless Surgery, use the best surgical techniques personalized for each case, which are characterized by being the least traumatic possible, recover or minimize the blood from the surgical site and promote hemostasis.

Our Bloodless Surgery Program is centered on the individual and always takes into account his/her decisions. In a relaxed atmosphere they establish an open dialogue with our team, expressing his/her needs. Based on this, our team of professionals can offer the best treatment available.

Currently there are only a few surgical procedures where Bloodless surgery techniques can’t be used.

How do we work?

Our Bloodless Surgery program is holistic and so does not only include the Bloodless Surgery itself, but also the whole range of related activities from the preoperative evaluation to the postoperative follow up, once home, and obviously once surgery has taken place. It integrates foresight by anticipating everything that might be needed and therefore makes it possible to plan ahead and enable the best and most constant prevention possible. This implies taking a proactive approach and being prepared to handle any incident that may occur during the surgical procedure.

Thus, being that our goal is always to place the individual at the centre of all our treatments, and to respect their decision not to receive a blood transfusion, our Bloodless Surgery Program is specifically designed to find and propose all feasible alternatives in this situation:

-Anemia Control & optimization of hemoglobin. This includes all procedures and therapies appropriate to maintain, preserve and increase the level of hemoglobin in the blood.

-Conservation of blood during surgery, maintaining the level of hemoglobin. This avoids a very invasive treatment by using less invasive alternatives, and ensures a minimum blood loss. Meticulous hemostasis and precise surgical techniques.

These principles are interrelated throughout the whole process, right from several weeks before hospital admission to the postoperative outpatient visit, with the sole purpose of achieving better results for the patient.

Technically, among other options, we use anesthetic techniques (normovolemic hemodilution, controlled hypotension, patient positioning in the operating room, Intra and Post operative cell savers and specific pharmacology (intravenous and oral iron, EPO, tranexamic acid, Factor VII, Fibrinogen …).

Informed Consent Legislation

The informed consent specific for Bloodless Surgery includes the clauses related to the rejection of blood fractions by the patient as well as therapeutic alternatives that will be used. As with any informed consent it can be revoked by the patient at any time.

Patients who will undergo high-risk surgery normally provide a living will which is a legal document stating the patient’s wishes. This document can also reflect the patient’s wishes regarding the administration of blood components.

If the patient, either during their stay or at any stage during the process, changes his/her mind and allows the administration of blood products, this can be done simply by talking to the surgeon and revoking the specific consent which is signed to this effect.

Bloodless surgery in pediatrics is possible, taking into account the above statements and with the consent of the parent or legal guardian. However, in the case of children, Spanish law requires doctors to give blood transfusions to minors if it is considered necessary to prevent the patient’s death or loss of a major organ function.

Promohealth Specialties in the Bloodless Surgery Program:

  • Cardiac Surgery
  • Neurosurgery
  • Spine Surgery
Bloodless Surgery
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