ts when decided for treatment abroad opt for medical facilitators or medical tourism companies which are at their physical reach, many feel more comfortable as they are speaking with someone with the same culture and language, however, if a problem arises while you are already abroad, do not forget that they are not at your physical reach anymore. There are many medical facilitators that offer the same services, and sometimes even more, which are based in the country the patient will be receiving his/her treatment. There are many advantages to this as the patient will be physically accompanied by local staff and if any problem arises, it can easily escalate to the company’s director to instantly solve it if needed.

Medical tourism companies
Step 4 – Medical facilitator with medical experience or not?
To be honest, the majority of facilitators available are sales people with some knowledge of what involves certain types of surgeries. However in some cases this is not enough. More and more MD’s are turning their attention to medical tourism, and with their medical expertise and their network of fellow colleges, can and will refer their patients to the most appropriate surgeon. An example is the website of Dr. Gilete, a medical consultant based in Barcelona, managed by a MD with years of medical practice and experience in medical tourism, which collaborates with only the best surgeons and medical facilities in Barcelona, Spain – Giving the patient direct access to their surgeon and locally safeguarding his patients from any problem.

Cervical Myelopathy
Step 5 – Feel confident
Whatever were your reasons to decide on a particular medical facilitator, move forward with a positive attitude. Never forget to call their attention if you are not comfortable with something – It’s your wellbeing in the line!

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