Spine surgery cost


  • One level Lumbar Disc Replacement

  • Quality Standards

  • Savings

    from USA's cost
  • India

  • $ 13.000

  • 85%

  • Barcelona

  • $ 20.800

  • Western

  • 77%

  • USA

  • $ 90.000

  • Western

Lumbar Artificial Disc Replacement Cost

Some representative of different prices around the world for:

* Today’s Exchange Rate

While Lumbar Artificial Disc Replacement cost can be extremely tempting in developing nations such as India (13.000 USD including surgery, hospital Stay, hotel & airfare), in Western Europe countries the costs can be less than a third (29%) of the USA’s cost.
For instance, at Dr. Gilete in Barcelona, cost of lumbar disc replacement surgery (1 level) is around 20.800 € (24,206 USD). Surgery is performed in a Western European country where quality standards are at least at the same level as the USA’s.

Average cost for 2 level Lumbar Disc Replacement surgery in Barcelona is around 24.800 € (28,861 USD).

We are aware that you may be interested in asking for reimbursement to your medical insurance company, workman’s compensation or litigation. In that case, if you need an itemized invoice, we can prepare this for you.

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