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About Promohealth Barcelona

Promohealth is a Barcelona based medical tourism organization with a wide range of reliable quality medical services. Our main goal is to help foreign patients in choosing the most appropriate specialist and to aid the patient during the whole process. Thanks to the years of experience and expertise in the medical sector, Promohealth is capable of providing an excellent quality service in the shortest time frame from the moment the patient decides on the specialist to the actual date of intervention.

It is important to mention that Spanish medicine is ranked as 7th best in the world and that is one of the biggest reasons that make Spain one of the first choices for medical tourism.
With regards to Barcelona, bear in mind that with the recent constructions of hospitals with modern equipment & technologies as well as managed by some of the most recognized surgeons in Europe, has transformed Barcelona as one of the top destinations for foreign patients seeking medical tourism abroad. Additionally, statistics state that Barcelona receives more than 10,000 international patients every year.
Moreover, being Barcelona one of the most visited tourist destination in the world, with its soft climate, Mediterranean Sea, delicious food and relaxed atmosphere, helps to diminish the anxiety and stress related to having to undergo an operation – all these factors impact significantly to a quick and healthy surgery recovery.

One of our major assets is that we take the time to analyze our patient’s health history in order to provide them with a clear answer to their unique medical case either via writing, phone or web conference - depending what way they feel more comfortable with. It is important to stress that we do not refer any of our patients to a Doctor unless we are absolutely sure that the referred doctor is the best option for their medical situation. Our patients can rely on our team to tackle all issues related to the planning of their trip, necessary translations, as well as the accompaniment in key point stages during their stay in Barcelona and to be rest assured that they will receive the constant support needed through the whole healing process with an efficient follow up.

Our main values are:

• More than 7 Years of experience in Medical Tourism
• Personalized approach and fast service
• Medical Doctor evaluation in the beginning of each new case
• Working only with highly skilled recognized doctors
• Referrals to medical facilities with ultra-modern medical equipment and technology
• Working with only International standard accreditations
• Committed to patients confidentiality and privacy
• Efficient patient follow up

Why Barcelona for Medical Treatment

Barcelona Medical Tourism | Dr. Gilete

Spanish medicine is ranked as 7th in the world

Not many people are aware that Spanish health system and services is considered to be one of the best in the world, ranked 7th by the World Health Organization (WHO). This plays an important role in making Spain as one of the most selected countries for medical tourism and attracting thousands of foreign patients every year. Spain is famous for its research & development with exceeding high standards mainly in eye surgery, neuro and spine surgery, plastic surgery, kidney & liver transplants, oncology, thoracic surgery and assisted reproduction (IVF and ICSI). Spain also has one of the lowest rates of mortality in cancer in the world and is rapidly progressing to the same standards to the rest of the medical sectors. Read more